Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Turn

LET ME TAKE YOU into this dream. Deep into the night a group of friends are searching for a little home. Something to get married in and collect stuff toys in and live in. We start off just wanting a little venue with a few people.

The venue after the third small house is a large back yard and I am welcoming people; people who are and friends of friends and Captain Picard. I’m in a pair of pants and nice blouse and I’m waiting for the "dress." I’m wearing a rockin pair of black and gold shoes that Captain Picard notices and the crème de le crème of the dream is me leaning forward after he compliments them and I whisper “I’m the bride.” There was such a feeling of love and excitement and rightness through the dream at in culminated at that point.

A friend of mine gave me a breath mint (haven’t figured out the symbolism for that yet) and asked if I was nervous. I said “I’m nervous but I know it’s the right thing.”

Then I went around the back of this place. A car pulled up, a nice car and the husband to be, with 3 of his friends, all dressed in blue dress pants and white shirts (can you tell we weren’t dressed traditionally for this wedding/party –I love it). This man said the a customer at his place of work wanted to know what he was carrying (my outfit -whatever it was). This led to how great the event was and how excited the customer was for us.
Usually in dreams boyfriends are distant and confusing, this dream I knew who he was and we talked.

I woke up strong and passionate. I have a week of storytelling coming up and this dream focused me for storytelling. “I’m the bride.” Means” it’s my turn I can do it I’m ready, I’m nervous, but it will be ok.”

“I am the story teller.”

 I also dressed up and had a good morning at work, whispering to people “I’m the bride.”

Last night it was my turn.

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