Sunday, November 18, 2012

Her New Home

I’m trying to write. But it didn’t start out a writing day so I’m not focused, maybe after supper. I woke up this morning and went for a walk at 8:30 the frost was all over the grass sparkling in the sun and B’town was relatively quiet. I went to get groceries and had a nap.
I forgot to mention something.

I turned *30 cough* on friday and on my birthday late in the evening mom encouraged me to look at the Local Shelter cats on the internet as I had showed interest in adopting a kitten a few days before... that’s a story in itself.

So after a few wine glasses of Strongbow Mama Duncan and I read animal shelter postings. This is what caught my eye as well as the eyes of "the bestest:” Tinker has been at [this shelter] for several months now and is looking for a special home. Tinker will need some extra TLC, she can be a bit scared and shy, she is fine when picked up and enjoys the attention but can seem a bit stand-offish at first. Tinker needs that special person to be patient with her and give her a special forever home.

I thought "I could do that. I’m this person.” There were a few cats I was interested in, but the lady at the shelter took me right to the adult cats I asked about and said "we’d save the kittens for last." We never got to the kittens and Tink/Izzy is getting used to her new home.

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