Monday, September 3, 2012

Walking on the Moon

The evolution of me begans taking up a new direction.
I stepped on the rocket ship and left the appointments that come with living in town.
The coffee the energy shakes.
On the moon there are great salads fresh from the garden.
It makes your body feel alive.
The family in the kitchen, talked about ghosts, intuition, energy and growing older and other such stuff.
Folktales turn into raisins, because it’s a secret joke.
Our family has a new language all our own.
We are adults and we were kids; talking about our imagination, our reality.
36 years of history on the moon.
We proceeded to find flowers and caterpillars and bumblebees and take their pictures.
On the moon there are great sunsets.
Feeling your bare feet in the sand and watching the sky turn pink.
There is food for all diets, Duncan style, on the moon, and we all get along for a little while.
Tears of the potential of life, what we want, what is given.
Opening up the world the clouds turn pink and lead to the future, the winding path.
Just a family walking on the moon.

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