Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Each night
I fall
I tumble
I hold my breath
Into exhaustion
I go into a sleep
And sleep is a whirlpool
A pulling river
It takes me to the past
I slide down and down
Come face to face
With the old catering company
The museum
The hotel
The dreams tell me
I have to go back

I fight it                                                                                
I scream
“I can’t go back”

With darkened eyes
 I apologized
To friends I lost
The job I had to leave
Oh, how I left them
Unable to cope

 The trigger
That brings on
The tapping catering shoes
The dancing boss
The food and the ghosts
Tonight means
I dive below the pull
The rushing waters
To search along
The river’s bed
Find a nugget
A trinket of memory
Put things in order
I go to fight
To stand tall
To face the fear
The weakness
The magic mirror
Who I really am
On the inside
Of a dream



  1. Replies
    1. I got some answers (which led to more questions) and dreams of the future instead of the past :) Have a good one...