Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wear the Sheet Like Sexy

The emotional stuff I can’t talk about. In the last three weeks, it’s been big but needs to be translated into metaphor and symbols and stories. The processing has gone to the secret keeper (in writing) and she knew what I was talking about and the bestestes face to face and they understand as well. So we’ll take a little break and show you a little video.

This video jump started my need to take my writing to the next level, the first time I saw it I was filled with awe and passion.
It made me see how important costumes are, the suits, the firemans uniforms, Martins sweaters. How the cloths fit the occasion and them and character. While I might not regularly think about what a character looks like and focus on what’s happening, I instantly understand while watching this video that the cloths, or the fur, or the skin, and the surrounding need a place in my story.

I began to really think about actions and themes and conversations and how the simplest movement or conversation, of only a few words, in just the right place can be epic. Seeing these small clips isolated and separate from the story really pumps them up. A simple movement can bring a person into the story without them even knowing it, because they are watching the whole thing.

Kudos to the editor of the piece, with the right eyes and ears look what you can do with movement and music. I am moved to want to put everything in just the right place. I want to express how big my stories really are. It made me want to rethink good and evil. What I thought was a decent climax, me who is afraid of going to big, of hurting a character, of causing pain to a character, changed.

This challenged me to take an idea and take it one step further. It shows tension in facial expressions in music in sounds and silences through crispness and lines and commitment.

And mostly the themes. It was commented by a friend with how well the music went together with what was happening.  There’s seems to be a human commonality and humor that can be found in the music and the Sherlock series itself, and again brought fourth universal themes that humans can connect with and really understand. With this deconstruction the reasons that I want to sit and watch this TV show, when most TV makes me bored, was brought to the forefront.  And an inspiration to take a white sheet and make it sexy on the page was born.


  1. Sherlock really is a wonderful series.

  2. I'm so good and saying I don't like something or I do like something and this was the first time in years I was able to see why, can't wait for 2013