Sunday, August 19, 2012

lessons from an epic fail

Don’t be afraid of showing someone all that you are, if you look at them and think “I may know just as much as they do or more," keep going, give it your all, intimidate them with your knowledge rather than having them walk away, thinking you know nothing because you were scared and didn’t give yourself all the credit you needed.

Know your voice, know who you are and what makes you special; I know I’m different but only sharing parts of that different will only confuse people, go big or go home. Show them all your crazy so that when it comes full circle they realize you know how to use it to your advantage and it makes you powerful and strong.

Take the full dose of medication that the Dr prescribes and when he changes medication dump the old stuff so you don’t take it by accident the night before a blind date.

note that in being himself 2 people didn't hit the button and one says "I'm country I didn't understand a word you said." There will still be people who don't understand. You will still succeed.

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