Thursday, July 5, 2012

Write as Me

This weekend doing some searching of the inner child and self confidence I remembered a university professor talking about experimental theatre and abstract art. He said something along the line of It's great if you can be a piccaso but I want you to know that you can do a mona lisa. This is a paraphrase and in my own words. But I spend the next 10 years researching structure and putting "me writing" behind myself. When being offered books about writing from my favorite bookstore I would pick a structure book over a creative book like "Bird by Bird."

In university my plays were fantasy like, creative and experimental. I know structure and understand it and can use it and will use it in my work, but when I said yesterday, Frosty, you do't have to do the mona Lisa, You do what you do best, what you know, I opened up, I wanted to read other peoples plays for enjoyment, i read romeo and juliette for the fun of it and have headed on to hamlet, which dispite a theatre degree have never read the whole way through and i gave myself permission to get back inside my head and write the stuff I want to that makes me feel rather than copy someone else.

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