Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Moment Journal

I don’t know why I pulled up the article called “5 Ways to Survive the First Weeks ofMotherhood.” Other than the fact that my friend just had a baby, Baby Ally was the second baby I’ve held in my grown up life, she was less than a week old. My cousin, who I really think of being a woman like me, just had a baby too. So I thought I’d skim over it...

This is number 3

 Keep a Happy Moment journal. You won’t have time to write volumes, but every day snatch a couple of minutes and write down something that amazed you or made your heart melt.

I push myself, the journals are about discoveries but but most of them are hard work. I think everyday is the same as the last. Last week was very long; there was overtime, this led to exhaustion and panic attacks at the thought of going out to do my groceries I thought; “of all the internal pushing I do, to write to keep things going to feel, I need to stop when something goes right, and really appreciate." I need to realize that through the panic attacks there was a great afternoon in bed with four books and a journal. That I ate some great food and felt so much better on Sunday and have had two great runs since then and a great day at work where I wasn’t stressed and accomplished a lot considering I was pushing myself.

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