Saturday, May 5, 2012

Amazing Gift

For two years my New Year’s Resolutions have been to experience more live music and theatre. B’town really doesn’t have much in the way of arts. B’town is more of a business, do what you need to do and get out type of place, while the surrounding towns hold the music and galleries and theatres; which would be fine except I don’t drive and am a disaster behind the wheel.

Last month there was a poetry reading by six poets and I didn’t go. A friend did and said it was an amazing presentation; the exploration and use of words wonderful. I felt sad I didn’t go. So when I was invited to a coffee house/open mic at the library on Friday night I accepted the invitation immediately.

I packed up my book bag at 6:40 and realized it only takes 5 min to get to the library, so I was there plenty early. I grabbed the closest seat to the door and looked for friends I thought might come. The energy at the start was tense and I thought a few times about going home and watching a movie. That I was crazy and people would think I was weird sitting there all by myself. At 10 after 7 the open mic started and we were told to introduce ourselves to someone we didn’t know. We were asked to decide who we wanted to play us in a movie. I went straight to mariska hargitay, “Why not go for the best?” I asked, and the librarian sitting behind me. 

We were asked to discuss why youth arts was important. I was dumfounded that’s like asking me “why is it important to breath?” I was speechless so my new friend went first, and then I added because it’s hpw we learn who we are, how we grow and become stronger people, how we survive as a people. Because it’s amazing that we have as human beings, to be able to express ourselves through spoken word, and music and sign language (there was some of that too.)

From 7 10- till 10:00 we were treated to poems and music and I sat there inspired. A few months ago I was disappointed in writing poetry and last night I thought who cares if I don’t know a million poets by name and read poetry all the time, I can still express myself in the words as they come. I decided that I don’t have to be perfect to express myself, to share my work, I can express myself as I am now and learn to grow from it. I don’t have to be afraid to share myself even though I don’t have all the answers I wish I had.

I told a few people I wanted to be involved in the next one and stayed after to help turn the coffee house back into a library again. After all ,I love moving tables and cleaning linens as it reminds me of my hotel days.

Last year I stalked the story tellers and story tellers has been an amazing part of my life, what will come next?