Sunday, April 15, 2012


I was invited to an Avon party yesterday and wasn’t so excited about it. I’m pretty comfortable with the products I use. I don’t wear makeup, I would rather get up in the morning and write in my journal than put make up on and I’m pretty set with the products I use. My friend makes my soap, my shampoo is dandruff prevention, as I caught the Duncan dandruff gene and everything is scent free, because the soap is spectacular I don’t need hand creams.

I tried on a “step into sexy” shimmering hand cream, I was fascinated by the sparkly hands I had, but spend the hour after I got home trying to wash sexy off my hands.

Then she said this month they are introducing hair dye for 7.99 a box, now there’s like five steps to the hair dye, which freaks me out, but I’m uncomfortable enough with my grays and broke enough that I decided to try it.

The party was a lot of fun, like group shopping in a friend’s home.

Then the bestest and I headed to the second hand bookstore to buy theatre tickets. She had never been to a book store with me so I set out the rules of engagement. “I’m not to look, touch or buy.” She understood.

She did good for the first part and actually told the owner of the bookstore I wasn’t allowed to buy books. And of course this was counteracted by “of course she’s allowed to buy books, what do you like to read?”

“Ian McEwan and Cormac McCarthy,” I figured I was safe as no one gives up Ian and Cormac. She wrinkled her nose a bit and turned around. In a box behind her was Amsterdam, Booker prize winner, she picked it up and underneath it was Atonement. I was waiting patiently for the world to send me a copy of Atonement as I had let someone borrow my copy and never got it back.

Standing strong just got 10 times harder.

I was right, no one gives away their Ian McEwan, she said she took these books from her friends house and had to sell them before the friend found out.

“I’ll give them to you for 12 dollars.” She said I thought for a moment, My Easter money was supposed to go toward an electric tea kettle. “No sorry” I said and motioned us to leave the store.

“10 dollars," she said, "that’s a good deal.” I reached into my purse, pulled out the 10 dollar bill I had, and I never carry cash, and we made the exchange and I left the store. I didn’t mean to barter I just had no intention of buying books. But I did.

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