Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Lake

A blog in which Frosty attempts a quickie folk tale to explain the processing of this week…

I go to the lake to swim. That’s all I want to do is swim. I want to go there. Dive below the surface. Swim to the other side and back. Come home. They invite me every earth day to help clean up the garbage that hasn’t been cleaned. I feel it is for show. I don’t want to see garbage. I want to swim. One day I am asked to see the sunset with a friend, to sit and drink wine as the sun sets, but it wasn’t swimming so I said no. One day they asked me to sign a petition to stop the building of a factory on the lake. I said it doesn’t matter what happens here, I will adapt. I did not read the newspaper, I did not watch the news. I kept living my life taking only what happened to me, giving only what needed attention immediately.

They started to build the factory on the lake shore, but my beach was still there. I didn’t mind, I kept swimming. They started dumping toxins into the lake. I didn’t know it. I kept swimming. I became ill. I wanted my lake back. I went to find the people who had come to me with petitions but they had all left the lakeside. I went to my friend who wanted to drink wine, and she said she didn’t sit on the beach any more. And I sat on the beach and cried and saw the most amazing sunset behind a factory. I headed to the capital to complain and realized it would be a whole lot easier if I had joined in before they started the build.

There is a task in front of me, and I am the first one to work on it. I see there are many problems. I say I have to work under those conditions. And then I am told I can change it, and I wonder why I didn't say something right away.I'm ready to work on the beach, so that I can swim.

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