Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cumber What?

I feel incredibly positive today, I spent the morning writing a piece that so far I’m very proud of and can see the growth from the begging to now. I can see ways to make it grow; I’m not just looking at the rough draft circling words to move and delete, I’m feeding the story making it better making the people and the places real, exploring them and that feels good.

My weekends are all three days this month, and last week I had three days off too and so far I seem to be liking it more than just taking a whole week off. I spent the morning writing and walking around B’town.

Yesterday It rained. So I watched T.V. I had perchance to find the BCC’s version of Sherlock Holmes, with Christofer Cumbersnatch, Benedict Cumberpatch, Cumberbatch, oh, whatever. I was intrigued by this mash up…

and being fascinated with Cumberbatch, no matter what name I call him, I looked into it. I was a little frightened because I’m not a Dr Who fan, I like the idea of it, and the situations and great characters, but have never been cool enough to sit through a whole show, or curious enough to stop playing scrabble to figure out what all the shouting was about in the next room when it’s on.

But Sherlock I wanted to see.

The question I was left with was how could I be totally in love with episode one and totally disappointed at the same time?

I love Sherlock and Watson. Well except that I kept thinking Bilbo and couldn’t figure out why. (Martin Freeman will be playing the famous hobbit in the upcoming movie). But feel jipped that Sherlock had to narrate every reason why this relationship was working. I love the diolague how sweet is it to warn someone to put the human eyes back in the microwave.

And I love the workings of Sherlock’s mind and Cumberbatch’s delivery.

I was disappointed because as soon as it was mentioned I knew what the killer did for a living, and was pissed that Sherlock, although delivering all the clues, had no idea about who the man was at the door, which was cute if he hadn’t unraveled it at the start, and then I thought he did, but he didn’t and oh my.

The directing of the two geniuses, at the very end fell apart. There was so much potential for two men who enjoy murder so much and it seemed to fall flat, didn’t crescendo off the pace of the rest of the movie. I was left thinking about how they were going to outsmart each other. And this came to mind, as it was done better...

I didn’t find what the killer to be saying to be that manipulative and controlling. I couldn’t figure out how all these smart people he killed fell victim to this simple man especially the smart business woman who left her phone as a clue. It’s worth seeing, I just wish it they’d spent an extra week or two on the ending.

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