Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inside Outside Upside Down

I went to a story telling workshop on Saturday and we did some memory games. One was a tour of a house we used to go to. I chose the one I grew up in and my parents still live in. I started at the door way and worked into the living the kitchen and under the eaves. Then we were told to explain what we saw inside the house. I was quiet and ashamed, I didn’t have all these great memories, everything I remembered I put there.

Except for outside the house. We were never asked about outside.

Outside the house, I was hit with memories that came on their own. I remembered the porch before the renovations; when the entrance way was just a box. There were goats and chickens and dogs. And the old barn that needed to be torn down because it was a safety hazard, and the old barn that’s still there. Soon I became strengthened by the memories outside the house. I realized that growing up, our world took place outside.

As I became a teenager I spent hours in my room reading and listening to music and doing homework. But so much of the Duncan lifestyle, especially when we were young, happened outside.

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