Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thoughts During Zumba

When I reach a goal, it creates a new goal. I need to work as hard on this goal, to learn what the next one is, we just don’t stop learning.

When I realize a goal, or a piece of me there is great fire and pride and the world is awesome, and then I get taught the lessons of reaching that goal, and that’s harder to face.

When I be myself and speak my mind it’s hard, because right now I’m not sure how to do it and am surprised and the outcomes.

When someone wants to fire you, it doesn’t matter how many committees you’re on, or how many years you’ve been with the company, so be yourself at work and know that whatever happens, happens, and sitting there pretending you don’t exist won’t save your job. (I wasn’t fired).

I gained weight and was told by a friend that she could tell I had lost weight. I can only assume it’s because I look healthy and make it through the day without being too tired or too confused. And right now that’s more exciting than being skinny.

I gave myself permission to be myself and it instantly let down a wall, and I was eating lunch and heard “Frosty I was talking to someone crazier than you.” And I thought myself and other people just became comfortable with who I am and then I had a dream that: reminded me to be myself, but not go around naked.

Being quiet, not saying anything and not participating, does not make people think I am smart and above the conversation.

Just because I’ve learned a lot over the years does not mean I know every thing.

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