Monday, January 2, 2012

Midnight in the Garden of Freefall

I am too easy to read, every twitch of my eye every expression in my face tells a story that I thought I was keeping deep inside. I thought my insides were a secret, but I am naked for all the world to see.

Did you know you were vulnerable, cut your fingers every time you play the guitar leave spots on the floor beside the microphone. Slice a piece of skin, every time you make lemonade.

When you walk away from a friend, you’re really saying I need you so bad and they don’t see that your eyes are pleading, because both of you are back to each other.

And did you know you were pretty and loved and that sometimes they just look at you to see your face they walk away silent but really want more; more of your beauty more of your pretty face.

You’re pushing people away because you’re not in the right place, you say this is where the world has led me, where intuition has led me so it must be right. All the while people are pushing you towards the cliff, like they were hunting buffalo you can’t see it, but you don’t know why you’re scared and want to run...

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