Thursday, January 5, 2012


The oldest independent bookstore in the province

Today’s lesson was compassion. I woke up this morning and had the hardest time breaking away from my dreams. I was so sure I was still on vacation and didn’t have to go to work; this after being very sick last night. I’ve narrowed the sickness to 3 things: 2 I can prevent, one I can’t. I thought about just staying home, but if I’m mobile, I usually try out the work. Last time I was this sick, I wrote “agent captured willingness and replay” (something I write on every monitor) and didn’t understand what it meant, so I went home.

Today I swiped my card, to say I had made it to work on time, and I saw a few agents with their hands up. Since becoming QA I rarely think about hands up, we’re not expected to answer or worry about hands, today though, I thought about it “Someone needs a little extra help today I see, they need a guiding hand.”

And then I sat at my desk and was overwhelmed with voices and pictures and trips to Dubai. I apologized and at the start of the day said “I’m not sure what’s going to happen today, I’m not feeling well.” I just longed for silence, which doesn’t happen at a call centre. I started to listen to calls and got the basic stuff so I stayed.

Usually when I ask a question I have an idea of how I want to answer it and want to hear other’s opinions today. Today I asked because I couldn’t do it myself, if my sidekicks weren’t there I couldn’t do some of the harder monitors on my own, when I asked something, I was truly confused.

Not only did I have compassion for those answering my questions and taking the time to help me, I had compassion for myself and anyone who has ever had a question and had no idea. Although it was frustrating I hope tomorrow I will be back to my old self. With a little lesson of compassion still intact in the heart.


  1. One hates to see the independent bookstores dying.

  2. I know, this is/was 2 minutes from my house and a phone call away when I needed to order a book, so now it's off to Coles in the mall...