Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Resolve

The duncan tree complete with cookie recipe...

So I guess for the past two years I’ve filled up a binder full of hopes and fears and dreams now last year it was close to the end of January when I felt the need to fill it, but as I looked over it I realize I’ve come leaps and bounds from last year and the year before. So here are a few new years resolutions…

Make it feel like the place I am in my life right now is a success

Cook new dishes

Write new stories and take every writing class I can

Keep going to and learning from the story tellers

Be here, be present

Set aside an hour every night-- there aren’t plans-- to read and write.

Keep learning photography

Enjoy the crushes I have on boys and not be all wrapped up in where the friendship is going

Keep watering the friendships that are around me so they keep growing.

This year I learned what drew me to theatre was the friendships, the energy we created, the meditation, finding myself, games and movement to the music, I didn’t really like performing on stage. I need to focus and have a chance to focus on these things (and writing) this year and I intend to dig deeper.

Instead of waiting for someone else to call me beautiful I will call other people beautiful, but not in a creepy or annoying way

ONE DREAM that I would love to have come true is to own cats

ONE FEAR that I would like to overcome is: “I have a fear that I have no need for a husband and children and that I’m missing out on something special.”

Ok two fears; I’m afraid of being fat…

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  1. I love the open-honest approach you have to your writing, Frosty. I read this, then played Amy's lovely song while going through it once more.

    My strongest wish for you is that you get to have a kitty in 2012 and for the rest of your life. As much as you want and need one, there is a little fluff-ball out there yearning for your lap and tender voice even stronger. May it become true for you both.

    My husband asked me once about when I was a little girl "and thinking about being married or thinking about what kind of husband" I wanted. It was a totally foreign question for me, and my reply really shocked him. I never never dreamed of marriage and I knew early on that I did not want children. Well, the marriage thing happened (first one was as ghastly as I thought marriage could be...I'm learning as I go in this second one). My cats have always been my children and I would not have it any other way.

    Thanks for all your thoughtful posts this year. Happy New Year to you. ^.^