Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year In Review

Hear is last years resolution list and what I've accomplished according to the list.

I want to do stuff with the photo club.
Joined the photoclub for a full year and entered competitions and won an honorable mention and a best new member trophy.

I will keep running, writing, singing and reading.
I stopped running and started zumba still write and read but not singing.

want to take one day at a time and see what it brings, not be limited by a schedule or routines.
There aren't as many fantasies and started to focus on why I am a success as I am.

Learn how to shop for groceries more efficiently
Took 20-40 dollars off my grocery list

I want to learn how to put a little bit of money away
I know have a savings account.

I will keep looking for a place that will allow cats.
Almost moved to a place where I could have a rat but it fell through.

I will keep assessing my future and how to make it more creative and more stable.
Wow that's a pretty big one, work has taken out a ten year lease on the building and seems to be making big commitments that it wants the call centre to work.

I want to make a collection of poetry/stories/ pictures that I can give to my family as Christmas presents in December.
Collection is made and "bound" but I was given some really good criticism in November so the giving part was put on hold

I want to go see live performances.
I went to story tellers circles and told stories. We went to see Cirque do Soliel

I want to see old friends who live "far" away.
Still pretty bound in B’town

I want to join up with writers in B’town.
Joined story tellers who write their own stories and tell them

I want to keep up with blogging and reading blogs.
Not as much as I did the first year

I want to keep growing and keep dreaming.
I’ve had some amazing dreams that have helped my work things out

I want as many things to come at me and surprise me and challenge me as I go after.
I started challenging myself with writing reading and photgraphy

I’m going to be ok with who I am, even if I’m “still single” I will not consider it a failure. (It angers me that I think like that sometimes.)
I’m going to have crushes on guys even if I know I can’t date them

I want to continue to partner up with people who have passions like me, who understand why I do things and push me to be better.
People who work with our energy, zumba and story tellers

I want to strengthen the relationships I have now.
My friendships and family relationships grew stronger this year

I don’t want a person or a job to make me cry as much as I did this year. Even though I believe I had a few years of crying to catch up on.
No tears this year

As per KM Weiland I will write the end on some of the short stories I’ve started this year
I wrote the end put them in a “book” and shared them with people

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