Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Cheers

So the week of the 26 was a full week, on Friday night we went to Zumba for 8:00. Saturday morning I did my laundry early so I could go to Zumba for 11:00. I went to get party food (I walk) cleaned my apartment and had #1 over before we went to the staff Christmas party.

Sunday morning I had to go get groceries and then # 1.5 and

I were in the Christmas parade. I worked a 10 hour day Monday. Tuesday we knew we were going to make sample size and Wednesday we were sent home early. But I’d been trying for 2 days to put my story together for story tellers on December 15 so I downed a Starbucks instant coffee, that stuff will wake the dead and wrote from 2-5 and have a story which I’m working on memorizing.

On Thursday I was told I needed a veg day and I agreed. I did Zumba on Friday night, again did laundry in the morning, but I slept in till 9:00 so I was cutting it close. 1.5 wanted to know if I wanted a drive or if I was going to walk, but November has been gorgeous so I said walk. At 10:30 the buzzer rang and I was completely confused.

“Are you going somewhere?” asked Mama Duncan.

“Zumba” and I began to panic Zumba is now my happy fix, in only a month I feel so much better and love it.

“Oh I should go,” said mama Duncan “but I don’t have any cloths.” Since I had done my laundry there was clean Zumba cloths and we went to Zumba and went Christmas shopping afterwards. No veg day.

The line up in Zellars was 20 minutes long and we each picked a separate line up and both of them had newbees at them, one didn’t know how to accept payment with a check and that stopped the line, Mama Duncan motioned that she would pay for my stuff, gum and a gingerbread train for festivus- my Christmas shopping is done. So I pissed off a lot of people by climbing a metal barrier and giving her my stuff.

The person ahead of her bought 200 dollars worth of toys, but didn’t get their free gloves rang in right. The manager was called and it was decided that everything needed to be deleted from the system and re-rung. Mama Duncan’s eyes turned into sauces and she told the girl she needed to be rung through or she would leave. Let’s just say I have a train for festivus.

So yesterday I turned my alarm clocks off and slept in curled up on the coach and let the week swarm in my head. I read a bit of Freeman Patterson’s “Photography and the Art of Seeing.” Which made me want to read my perceptions and sensations book. Which led my dig out my crayons and a sketch book. And I coloured. I don’t draw, but the picture of the mermaid makes me so happy and that’s all that matters right? I feel very good right now.

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