Friday, November 18, 2011

The Little Things

I told my story last night it felt like the years of university and morning pages led to something I loved to do and something I was good at. It gave me confidence and sparked my passion to do what is me. I was so doubtful everyday I worried that it would come out all wrong. After I told it I realized I had done it. Now I need to "find" a Christmas story. I'm thinking trumpets and mice, and of course Johann's Gift to Christmas as Papa Duncan is a big silent night fan...

This week I was reading some stories about when people do work with their insides, their energy and their self esteem how the world seems to open up for them, they find their soul mate get their dream job and write their novel on the side. I thought, why doesn't that happen to me? And then I realized that I was getting these beautiful little gifts that I was blinded to because I was waiting for the big ones. I thought the big ones were the only important ones. In the past week I've let the little blessings in, allowing myself to be called "Dear Friend" invitations to tell stories and food suggestions and Zumba.

Oh and I have a meeting with the Writer in Residence at the library today I'm excited.

Have a good one.

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