Sunday, October 16, 2011

what has brought them to you


My children
You carry the name of duncan
Hidden behind the name of my husband
You have fallen before me
You have stated you no longer love me
Your mother
You demand to remain only with your father

You are not yet old enough
To carry your own perfume
Your own weight is carried
In apple juice and child’s potions
While older children experiment with flowers
And then musk’s
You have chocolate chips melted
On your fingers
And ask me to pour the milk
With your cookies

 To the father
Come forward if you want to
Take your children now
And leave
Go far away from your wife
For there has been something
That has turned them so hastily
From me

I feel my heart falling to mu feet
And my tears are cupped
By the roses of my cheeks

Great wife
Love of my life
See how the children come to you
They don’t yet understand
That what has brought them to you was love
For if it was pure hate they would run away
And we would see them
Never again

They cling to your words
Even with wishes of being far away
They can barely live alone
Yet we have created strong minded
Independent children

My weight is in my age
I chose you when I was very young
I had young women lined up
From neighboring towns and countries
Line up at my side
And asked me to own them
To tell them what to do
And you walked in with your sister
Wanting only to be there for her
And I began to wonder
How to build a castle
That you would love
The doors that welcome you
The linens from other worlds
That would feel soft
Against your skin

There were murderous scenes 
When I chose you
There were tears in the village
But you have stood by me
And fear not for we have instilled that
In our children

There were children
That didn’t survive
Children from mothers we reign over
Children have died in your arms
Surrounded by our blood
This is our family now
And we must choose
At this moment
How to make the family

We are turning to you
Even though we say
We do not love you
You and I and the children
Are strong enough
To build this family up again
We are kings and queens
And princes and princesses

You have brought us
Love and fortune in the past
Come to us again
With flowers and stars

Love over us
Not in the pieces of death
That has caused the castle wall
To crumble
But in the power
To build the castle strong

Poor children
Poor husband
As I can only hear
The anguish you have felt to come here
I know your feelings
Are eating you inside
You have become melancholy
In my care
And now knowing this is how you feel
I am filled with the emotions
Of the three of you

Each of you suffers
Within yourself
And since you are all part of me
Your suffering
Aches my soul
With the power of
My soul growls and aches
And demands that all of this changes
Demands our family be one again

Inspired by first page of oedipus rex by sophocles

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