Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Told a Story

When I graduated university in 2000 I had limited my theatre courses to only the amount I would need if I came back to do my honours instead I took as many History and English courses as I could. I couldn’t make theatre and film work, it took a lot out of me emotionally, and finally didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Writing was the only thing I didn't let go of.

So tonight was a big deal.

I told a story at the local library with our story tellers group. I found a story about an elevator operator at a hotel and switched it to a room service girl and made most of the plot from things I had learned during my years working at a hotel. I was a little scared at first, it has been forever since I did something like that, so my body wasn’t sure what to tap into to tell a story to a bunch of really talented women.

“Don’t look at the floor, look at us" I was told. I took a deep breath and told my story. I came home and danced around the living room, tonight I did something that I was in love with as a child and connected to a piece of myself.


  1. I loved your story about your telling a story so much. It reminded me of the scene in Out of Africa where Karen Blixen weaves a story for the gentlemen after dinner. I went to youtube to see if I could find it to link here, but it doesn't seem to be available. I wound up looking at a whole bunch of scenes from the movie and getting all emotional. What a trip!