Sunday, September 25, 2011

Naked Emotions

There is a call to board
Flight 712
Move around me
Talk around me
They are all different
From me

I want to board
But I am lost

Can you tell what I’m thinking
By the look on my face
Can you read my thoughts
They are so simple now
I hate you
I love you

There’s no one here
Who "just knows" what I need

There’s a blankness
To this moment
It’s safe near the wall
The brush strokes
Hold comfort

I sit in a corner
And watch what others do
See how they react to things
That way I’ll know

I only do what I have to
To survive
One less step
And I wouldn’t be a person

My emotions are naked
I follow the couple in front of me
When I hear him whisper to his wife
“I’m boarding 712 as well.”

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