Sunday, August 21, 2011

As I Walk to the Post Office Awaiting a Letter

Cold rain shower
The water, refreshing
My body drank it in
Through the pours
The sun shone

It was one of those days
The rain had no idea where
It was coming from
The whole world seemed to be

We ran from rainbow to rainbow
Laughing with leprechauns
Dreaming for gold

I long for the letter
But it is not there

I long
For a unicorn to come out from the trees
Just for a moment
Because there are so many reasons
To believe in magic today

Then the thunder and lightening
Roll the clouds quickly and swiftly
And for a moment a white horse
With a golden horn
Comes galloping towards me
I blink and the rain falls again

At home
There is a letter at my door

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

moving forward and standing still

A year ago I said I’d give the new position at work a year,see if I want to stay.

I said I wasn’t going to move unless I went back to the city. In July I had an offer for a great apartment, surrounded by trees, a place for flowers, little back yard, back deck open concept I put on offer in and got it right away, I was exactly what they were looking for.

When I was accepted I thought, ‘well I guess I’m staying in B’town for a while.’

In the past couple weeks I’ve taken my friends and my job more seriously there’s a bunch of us who are ok with staying here when before we wanted to move.

We’re moving forward and standing still at the same time.

So I’m packing my stuff, you can collect a lot of stuff in five years. When I lived in the city I only kept what you could toss in the back of a truck and go from one bachelor apartment to another. But I’ve moved in here, I have stuff that makes me feel like home.

If I knew I had that much stuff that needed to be packed I might have thought twice, but I’m glad I didn’t because every fiber in my being says this is the right thing to do. I wanted a sign, and things are starting to fall into place and feel right.

Saturday, August 6, 2011