Saturday, July 9, 2011

the convertable

Hey Mr. Keys in the ignition
Open air and gas on the street
Dreams of the world on fire
By the touch of skin in the heat

I glance at your face, time and shadows
There’s a gleam in your eyes
From glint that the sun
Hitting the chrome, it sighs

We pour like reaction down the road
Drawing tear drops from laughing clowns
The moment you gave me the control
And let me drive your convertible around

I heard you say you were scared
As the accident took shape
But I want to remain the victim here
And still wear the victor’s cape

I shouldn’t have drove
Like I knew this road
There should have been a map
And truth should have been told

We were both lonely
Looking to impress
We will both turn around
And hurt a little less

With the smell of new car I fight to be allowed to be alone
If love is only for the lucky and the strong
Am I the one with broken yellow bones

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