Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Shrub

There was a lady standing beside my flower garden this morning. The same garden I tend to everyday, the same garden that has seen an evolution as to how it is tended. This lady pointed her finger and said “this is an ugly shrub, it should be trimmed and pruned and see those buds they should be taken off.”

Last year this shrub looked like it was going to die, I would go to the other side of the garden to have a picnic and I would think about how I to get rid of it when I finally pulled it out. One day I was reading a blog that told me how to care for it correctly and I started giving it special attention and even sitting by it with a book.

This year it looks ten times better than it did last year. I was so hurt that she called it an ugly shrub.

I was going to get mad at the lady, and tell her how angry she had made me and how much work has gone into the shrub, when I stopped and became aware of the power flowing through my veins. The passion. I had feelings for this shrub for this garden for everything I had learned and put into it, and this lady had just taught me that. I knew the truth and when the lady walked away my friend said “it’s a great shrub the way it is; and next year it will be even better. She touched it's leaves and stated, "I saw the notes about it; you’re not supposed to trim it this year. You’re doing a good job."


  1. Good job indeed! BTW, that's one of my favorite Monty Python scenes. Love it.

  2. I just needed to find the positive in all the negative going on. Love the knights of ni