Thursday, June 2, 2011

In Search of Composition

... but feeling guilty is never a bad thing, you should always question what you do.
-Quote and Photo by Annie Leibovitz

The professional photographer in our group, upon my request, suggested I study and work on my composition when it came to taking pictures. He gave me the name of the book he refers to all the time and I went right down to the independent bookstore, that is still running in B’town, and showed them what I was looking for.

I was told the small publisher that was selling these books had been bought out like so many these days and the big publisher was not going to start sending out "Photography and the Art of Seeing" until October. But what do I do until then?

Saturday I found myself at the Library 15 minutes early for a writing course and I went to look for music books. I haven’t touched the piano in over a month, it’s taken the back seat to writing and photographs. While looking for songs to pull me back to music I saw a book by Annie Leibovitz.

In chapter one she explains that she went to school to study painting and found it too isolated, finding poetry more her style. She was allowed to say this dream that I wanted so much before I don’t want anymore. And look at what she became knowing to make that switch.

I still get nightmares about the theatre department the decision not to stay to do the fourth year. I’m always dreaming I’m back at the theatre department 13 years away from everyone who’s spent their life studying the craft. Maybe this is the permission I need to move on and become great at being the me I am now.

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