Saturday, June 18, 2011

Garden of Life

I walked into my garden after work and found the lady pulling up my rose bushes.

“The flowers are dead” she said.

“But even if the flowers are dead,” I said. “You keep the plants; there will be flowers next year. They’re alive.”

“Then buy new ones next year.” She said.

I asked her to leave my lawn.

She paused for a moment and casually picked the thorns from her hand, expressionless.

Then she walked away.

I replanted my roses and built a fence around that part of my yard.

I'm not used to the fence yet.


  1. Frick, next time squirt her with the garden hose.

  2. Loach it's a new thing to not make an excuse for someone and have it affect me... I'll keep going.

    Mrs Tuna LMAO I'm picturing it now... it's beautiful.