Sunday, June 5, 2011


Before I went out on this adventure I was wrapped in fear. I spent a good hour, sitting in front of my computer, resolving that it’s safer inside. I was so afraid of the camera and I getting in the way.

I took my camera and tripod and walked down the street like I belonged, I did belong, it was my street. I used that adrenaline to move one more step forward and one more step forward; closer and closer to the action.

I realized I was lost when I looked at all that was going on and tried to decide what to put in the picture. That’s one reason I was scared. I didn’t have any instincts for situations like this. But here I was taking pictures of an actual event, an actual happening and now I desire to know what to look for when taking pictures of actual events.

I walked into a zone of big ladders and crisp walls with my flip flops and still dressed up for the movies. I was allowed to take pictures of the heritage building that burnt down. I stepped out of taking pictures of puppies and flowers.

This adds to the courage I will use on the next adventure.

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  1. Great job! Try singing "If I Were King of the Forest" from "The Wizard of Oz" next time. As I read your post, that's what popped into my mind.