Saturday, June 25, 2011


A jumble of unedited words inspired by a dream I had last night

I’m walking through the old school
All the children have failed
And the teachers are crying
The teachers are crying

All the children are feeding homeless cats
Warm milk and rich creams
Crying “I’ve got nothing”
“I’ve got nothing”

And the cats are getting fat
While the children fade away
All they want is better than this
They want better than this

She’s melting butter over her vegetables
Dipping brownies into whipping cream
Humming this is all you need
This is all you need

And all the children
Follow the strong mother
And words start to fall onto the page
And laughter is wrapped around eyes and ears

And the women are strong

Every time I wake up from a nightmare about school I promise myself I never have to go back, I don’t have to sit through the confusion and the boredom and the many things I didn’t understand. What if the dreams want me to go back? What If I yearn to have that much in common with people again being fed constant information, What if the dreams are a yearning to learn more and want more… if this is the case how do I feed that hunger on my own terms?


  1. For being a bunch of unedited words, these are really good! They're full of visceral emotion and vivid images. Great stuff.

  2. thanks I like it when they just come to me, I get frustrated when it comes to editing them, I'm a perfectionist.... Maybe I need to let go a bit?