Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pillow Stories

When you read a story, when you finish it could you tell it to someone from your heart? Tell them as you remember it as you interpret it. Emphathize the parts where you learned from it, convey the images and explanations that kept you reading, and then give it your own twist? Could I?

It’s a question I asked myself last night, as the crazy fantasies slip away, I’m influenced by the story telling sessions I’ve been to and I learn to live in the moment the need for stories to occupy me heightens.

I was thinking about what I remembered of “The Hobbit” and the last story I read “Anils Ghost” and how important it was to understand and interpret what I read to help me with my own work which is still stalled and not going as well as I want it to. The next story I read, I write, can it be shared with a friend? With you? Can I tell my own stories in a confident way and let them live as they are even though I see the flaws in them?

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