Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fire in Darkness

It seemed like a lot of work and I wondered if it was worth it, to walk around the living room and place candles on every flat surface. In the end I would just have to blow them out and each candle would send off a wave of smoke into the air stuffing up the room.

I made sure they were all put in places that wouldn’t easily catch on fire and each candle had a little tray to sit in. I didn’t want the wax to melt on the carpet, the piano, the shelves.

There was no company coming, I was doing this all for me, it was such a crazy day at work, I wanted to do something special I needed to relax.

When all the candles were lit I sat in the middle of the floor, I started by closing my eyes, but it was dark, so slowly I opened them; took it all in. I realized I didn’t want my eyes closed; I wanted them open to the world.

The lights are so beautiful around me.

I watch the flames become the other life form in my apartment ideas and feelings race around with them, there are answers about why I was stressed today and my heart warms.

I feel the tension of the day burn like the wick and melt away like the wax to my toes.


  1. Finding your enter is always a worthy thing to do.

  2. The world is looking brighter day by day