Sunday, May 22, 2011


I had a decision to make this weekend. To go to a concert on Friday night and meet up with people I went to school with and reconnect as the people we are now. Or stay home and have wine and hummus with two people I’ve been building a relationship with over the past couple years.

I had to spend Friday night and Saturday morning getting the house and food ready so doing both wasn’t an option.

I stayed in town and got ready for the friends I knew I needed to hang out with people I could say anything to.

I love them dearly but I had no idea how much.

As I was cleaning I realized that I had just as much right to go to the concert. The people I went to school with were asking about me, wondering how I was doing. My sister would be there and she’s a big part of the community that was putting the concert on. And Alex would be there and I really enjoyed meeting her and it would be nice to build a stronger connection.

So that makes the commitment to go to the next concert even greater.

As the car pulled up to drop me off at my door after two hours of veggies, hummus and wine; after two hours of Thor and feeling like the world belonged to us I said “How do I go back to real life after this?” How do I go back to being alone after all this company? I was frightened for a moment but realized I made the right decision to hang out with them.

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