Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let Me In

I went over to #1’s house with the movies “The Princess Bride” and “The Young Victoria” but we settled on “Let Me In.” We had just finished watching this week’s installment of Vampire Diaries so in a world dominated by the likes of Buffy and Angel, we liked the idea of a vampire and a little boy becoming friends.

This is not Buffy or Angel or The Vampire Diaries.

What I liked about the movie.

The friendship between the young boy and the vampire were well constructed and whenever anything happened it was believable. Sure it was predictable in places, but I was happy that it made sense and could be held accountable for its actions.

I loved walking away and knowing what the little boys life would be, even though we’ve only spent a few weeks with him. We learned so much about the relationship between the vampire and her slave. We saw the total life cycle.

I like how she used him, how she manipulated him into needing her and I wondered what kind of relationships the writer has had in his past to make a woman so nasty. Abby could figure out puzzles, she could figure out what to say and do to make a 12 year old boy need her to save him.

#1 asked if she was so old did she have the mentality of a 12 year old. I felt that she did, that what she did was in a 12 years means to do, almost like she was doing it but because she was 12. She seemed totally the innocent. She could have chosen to bait an adult and had a totally different movie, but instead picked a little boy.

I liked the reason why she couldn’t kill people herself and needed someone to do it for her. (I’m not going to give that away.)

Watching this movie made me very aware of the relationship I’m building in the short story (a real short story) I’m tackling after all the attempts and pieces of paper with half finished ideas on them.

What I didn’t like about the Movie.

It made me feel bad and think about bad things. Thankfully I was spared nightmares.

The first murder felt like I was there too, partaking in it, like I was getting pleasure out of watching a killer bleed a person to death. I didn’t like that, that’s not me.

We didn’t see the little boy actual kill someone, there’s still doubt left about whether or not he can do it. The writers could have written the story that Owen brought one of the little boys to her as Abby as gift.

That’s a lot of murders for one policeman (who we don’t know much about) to handle, especially in a world without cell phones and internet.

I didn’t like that she didn’t wear shoes, I thought it was unique, but I thought that with neighbours who are so aware of what the little boy is doing behind his window, they would notice this 12 year old girl that didn’t go to school and who didn’t wear shoes in the snow.

I really enjoyed watching the movie with a friend because together we picked out things that I would have never picked up on my own and I would have never watched this movie on my own. We talked about evil in our world and our little town, how it was part of us, how different would the conversation have been if we had chosen to watch "The Young Victoria?"

Next stop The Kings Speech, that’s more my pace.


  1. Sounds interesting.
    Not sure I'll watch it though you make me think that with the right friend... I do want to see the King's speech.

  2. Started watching The Kings Speech, I was much to into the Tortilla chips and missed most of the movie, So I'll try again tonight, update to follow.

  3. I've still to watch this, so its good to read that you rated it well.

    I think I'd find the bag of tortilla chips a distraction too :)