Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Kings Speech

I've wanted to see this movie since forever,ok at least since Christmas. And I love movies like this team work and growth and success at the end with a big finish and people clapping.

OK in the first 20 minutes of the movie Bertie does very little actual conversing, he tells stories and shouts, but there's very little back and fourth. Making a light bulb go off when he starts to talk to Lionel.

Act one is sketchy.

My ears can’t hear the dialect difference between Firth and Rush, and Rush carries himself so masterfully that I am left to think of them as equals in power… Maybe that’s what they were going for. I think he could have gone a little further to make himself "peculiar."

Although Rush has great lines I feel they are misdirected in act one, although in the final two acts of the movie the friendship and performance becomes believable.

Bertie and the Queen Mom are both insulted by Lionel and choose to come back, obviously by the end we know it makes sense, but why in the beginning was it because “Lionel was different?” Because of the little boy at the door, because he was so sure of himself. What made him want to pull that album out of the drawer was there no other choice? Was a friendship made even with all the insults?

Act 2 raises the stakes. Not only will Bertie need to give speeches but King Edward is a little “preoccupied” and will need to be replaced.

Beautiful montage of Bertie and Lionel working on what I know as theatre games cut with him giving a speech.

Guy Pearce is HOT. Colin Firth isn’t. Although I was looking through some interviews for clips and yep, he’s still got it, so they zapped his hotness for this movie, too bad.

Both Lionel and Bertie love to tell stories to their kids. There's something they share.

How lovely is it when Bertie plays with the model airplane?

I wanted to smack Churchill. This is how you do Churchill.

Colin Firth brings to light all the movies tension in the rehearsal of "the speech," all the things he’s learned from lessons and his talks with Lionel. There is a burst of power and vigor we would love to see him use when the time comes to give the real speech.

Bertie has learned to prepare himself. He mirrors the professional at the start of the movie.

After seeing Hitler’s speech and Bertie rehearse, there is more tension, in a different way this time, as Bertie puts all his energy into just delivering the speech, and not into moving a crowd.

I watched it twice, well three times if you count the time with the Nachos but I missed most of it due to the crunching, in Frosty world it was a good movie.

PS as I get better I hope to write about movies in full paragraphs.


  1. Oh, I did love this movie! I thought Colin Firth was quite attractive--he did an amazing job!

  2. I'm so glad you found him attractive in this movie, like the Queen Mom when she said "I fell in love with your stutter." He was awsome in this movie.

  3. Okay, so your review gave me several chuckles. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm looking forward to it - even more now that I've read your witty two cents.