Saturday, March 19, 2011

That Crazy River

As I said, at the last photo club I was totally inspired, I had a training class around that time and I was in love with the classroom setting.

This week I was in another classroom setting and reminded that if everything is not perfect I find it very hard to learn and retain information. I was glad to have my smart friends beside me.

Back to photo club. I was sitting, listening to the presentation and wanting something like this for writing. I wanted to talk about words and sentences and bringing images to life with words. I wanted to hear people talk about the art of storytelling.

And then in an e-mail came a letter that it was world story telling day soon and story tellers were going to do a presentation at the library. I wrote it on the calendar and forgot about it.

Today I was sitting on my couch in my PJ’s reading about writing and looked at my watch. There was 45 minutes before the presentation. I thought about not going, I was so comfy and alone. Then I realized this could be the type of thing I had wanted, could be looking for.

The theme was water and the women told fables and stories and actual events. Their eyes lit up they sang songs and best of all they told stories freely.

At the end the host mentioned more get-togethers like this and even though it was not wanted I gave her my e-mail address and phone number and told her I was interested.

She looked down at me and asked “Do you tell stories?”

I answered “I have a degree in theatre does that count?”

On my jog afterwards I realized that I am now on a journey that is truly my own.

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