Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Library

It was early Sunday morning, so the rows and rows of books were not yet streaming with students. They wanted to be here, but they had forgotten how bad a hangover is when one more shot of tequila is added to the mix.

Last night, although it was on the tips of my fingers to invite myself out dancing, to hear the pounding of the bass and feel the connection with the people around me, I instead went to a movie with the bestest and we each went to our homes and crashed before most people headed out to the bars.

We are both single and strong on our own. We have friends who invite us to parties and double dates who know we're single and know that we will hold our own when everyone else is coupled up.

I don’t say “I’m not going to do this because I’m single,” but me being single controls my mind.

I’m only half thinking about the paper I have to write, the other half is wondering if I will meet him today. When I walk down the street I think “Maybe this is the guy.” When I go shopping I think, "maybe it's the guy by the spinach" and then his wife shows up giggling with a bottle of whip cream. I turn away and pick up a red pepper.

As I was looking through the poetry section for authors to write my paper on, a stranger came over and began to speak.

We went through the books and she showed me new sections to explore and poetry genres and gave me ideas that I had never thought of before. And a few times I heard her say “That makes sense.” “I never thought about that.” “I like how you think.”

When she walked away I realized in a city like this we may never meet again, but I sat down on the side of the wall and started reading the poetry she had pulled out for me. I didn’t notice the dark eyes and slow walks entering the library and looking for books, I was in love with what is in front of me.

You’re on an amazing journey right now, just as you are, and you’re meeting amazing people, making amazing connections and learning amazing things that will lead to great adventures. Fall in love with that.


  1. Well written.

    Defining yourself by your relationships or lack thereof seems pretty self limiting. Spending time with yourself is precious.

  2. I have such a Jekyll and Hyde personality. I’m strong, love being on my own and able to do my own thing. But there’s a shadow that sits over it all. I’m always working on it. This week I saw a little bit more that my choices are OK, and I’m on a pretty cool journey.

  3. What a lovely post. I do like your ending paragraph. Celebrate life as you live it!
    Nice :)
    Thankyou for following my page :)