Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just a Moment

When I’m in a moment I believe it will last forever. These are the friends I will have forever; these are the feelings I will have forever. When I’m in a good place there’s a bit of a down when the happiness ends. When I’m feeling low there is only a dark tunnel, no light up ahead.

Today while listening to calls, I thought, “Today is just a stepping stone. This moment won’t be forever, today is leading into tomorrow and tomorrow has many options." The secret keeper told me change is good.

Her advice took me back, because I’m the first person to be wary of change, after all my brain believes a moment will last forever; and it gets comfortable there, good or bad. So not only have I realized that this moment will not last forever, I believe finding this treasure will allow me to be more accepting to change.


  1. We must embrace change as it is inevitable.

  2. Change is good. And as Laoch said, inevitable.

  3. I'm finally OK and excited by the idea of change. I like it.