Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nice Adventure

Well, in my quest to learn more about something I enjoy, I joined the photo club. I know most of the people at least a little bit. They’re good people; I like taking photographs and would like to get better. I’m still working on where music fits in and haven’t connected with the local writers yet, so photography is good; it's there and it keeps coming back.

I was sitting there learning about the right places to put a light when taking a portrait when I thought, I’m with people, I’m not at work and I’m not running around inside my head, inside my apartment. It was a nice adventure.

I was supposed to take pictures too, but they decided with my new hair cut I should be a model. That was a nice ego boost. Although, I have had two people send me pictures and managed to pick myself apart, I guess I now have to go back and see the good things in the picture.

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