Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking Back

Goal for 2010 was “find more poetry outlets":
I have printed off many poems that inspire me and keep them in a binder
I have bought books to write better poetry
I found a poetry website that reads poems to you
I have found blogs to make me a better writer
Raided the library and bookstores of poetry books

Goal for 2010 was “make more food and experiment with new recipes
Made my own cookies and muffins
Bought many new cookbooks and used them
Stopped believing that maple beans and frozen corn was an acceptable meal for many days in a row

Goal for 2010 was “more photography.”
Got a new camera and I could take the pictures that I wanted
Learned how to take better pics with the quick snap
Went on fieldtrips with the photo club
Followed blogs of Photos and was inspired

Goal for 2010 was “More music”
I didn’t get to take in concerts
But I learned to download music
Learned to find new stuff on You Tube
Was inspired to look deeper into music by a friends e-mail
And moved the piano by the window and play a few times a week

Still no cats of my own.

I decided I didn’t want to go back to school to learn writing, instead, I found blogs that published writing tips and my confidence is growing.

Goal for 2010 was “feel safe here a little longer”
I bought a bed a new printer and a book shelf; it’s a little harder to run away fast
Got a promotion and the company took out a ten year lease on the building
Learning how to maintain friends around me and far away
Work 9-5 so commuting hours are safer.

Goal for 2010 was “maintain positive energy despite everything going on around me”
It should have been “learn to”
My energy was up and down all year; but I’m learning

"Perhaps this is the year we believe in ourselves." -Tink


  1. Did I miss the goals for 2011? Was that a different post? You did a commendable job on your 2010 goals.

  2. Without thinking of it as resolutions I created a binder last year of hopes dreams fears and goals. It was great to look at them yesterday and see what I did accomplish. I'll probably keep revising this years for a while, but it was todays post. I think I got a little gready, but alot of them are continuations.