Monday, January 17, 2011

The End

2. You can finish that first draft. Let this be the year you type “The End” on that story (or stories) you’ve been tinkering with. Unfinished stories are unread stories, and unread stories are unpublished stories. Start building the habit of finishing every story you start.
--KM Welland.

There are many of them in my collection. Poems, short stories, ideas. I have theatre books, film books, poetry books. In the past year I’ve picked up a page of scribble and thought: is it a script, is it a story, is it a poem? I would look at everything that could be done and stall. This weekend I said this is as good as you’re going to be today write it so you can write “the end.” So I picked up a little piece called Concert in the Park and using all the information I’ve picked up from reading blogs and “how to” books, and anything I remembered from school. I edited the first page. I saw it for what it is right now, and edited it with what I knew. The first page made sense (now, tonight, I must tackle page two.)

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