Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our motto this year is LIVE LOVE LAUGH.

So I haven’t been writing much, and for someone who writes like most people breathe, that is unusual. I worked a whole bunch of overtime at work, and quite time for writing is not something that happens at the parent’s house over Christmas, at one point I sat at the table with a book and a journal and a pen and that was about it for the writing. It was an amazing conversation to be part of, and makes me think, among other things, that there is a lot out there coming my way. I usually think, how am I going to do things, this year? I believe, this year; it’s coming towards me.

The Duncan family, meaning the immediate family of four, doesn’t do boxing day sales. Except this year I wanted an ipod nano and a blender. Well I got a blender and for a girl who never had a real smoothie until 2 nights ago, let’s just say the blender is totally earning its keep. There was also a great sale on DVD’s so I picked up season one of Sex and the City.

I would watch bits and pieces of Sex and the City on my breaks, during breaks, on the night shift at “The Hotel;” when there wasn’t a Saturday night party. I had since pushed it away with all my other TV memories. So when I put Season one Episode one in the DVD player I fell in love all over again. I love that these women have so much trouble finding men and are so articulate about it. Whether they’re right or they’re wrong, it doesn’t matter, the idea is that I enjoy it and get swept away.

So, I now own all six seasons and hey, really, who needs to eat?

Considering the amount of TV I watch, I’ll be content until I’m forty.

Hope everyone had/is having a good holiday

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  1. Sex and the City is just the best! I hope you have a very Happy New Year! xo