Thursday, December 30, 2010

flowers and bumble bees

Live Love Laugh is our motto for the year. #1 gave me a picture frame with those words written on it. I also gave Tink a little trinket box with those words on it. There are a few of us who are going to have to create our own happiness rather than depending on it happening on its own. Dig a little deeper to find it.

The new picture frame is on my wall. I have fancy pictures on my wall of flowers and bumble bees. This picture frame spoke people. I needed to put my friends in it; Tink, #1 and Belles mom, #1.5 and her husband. I hung it on the wall, and didn’t think anything of it. Then, later on, I was drinking tea and looking up at it and there was and smiles and histories and stories. I realized how important it was to have pictures of people up on my wall as well. So I printed out a whole bunch of pictures of friends and put them on the wall.

I also told a few more of them how important they were to me. Until this point I had no problem telling the ones who told me I was special, that they were special too. But I realized there were others who talked to me. We shared pieces of ourselves with each other and they needed to be recognized. Others had needed no invitation to tell me I was important, I needed to step up and tell others they were important to me. I recognized this; I was aware and I wasn’t scared.

There is a new year to see where these friendships go.

Thank you.


  1. Good for you and you make an excellent point for maintaining/developing friendships.

  2. Create your own happiness. With pictures on you wall. What a comforting image.

  3. Happy New Year ladies.

    Find it where ever you can, and don't take it for granted.

    Keep smiling.

  4. Pictures of people on walls - True, my husband and I have just recently started doing this.

    Wishing you a good New Year full of life, love and laughter.