Thursday, November 11, 2010

What if?

Miss D (you needed a name) looked at me yesterday and said "you look happy." Sigh

I was empowerd by the "what if" question. In elementary school our grade six teacher said "don't ask me a question if it starts with what if." My writer of a teacher many years later always said "what if" but who knew it would take 20 years to understand the beauty of "what if."

What if I touched his hand? Would lighting run through my arm?

What if this rain never stops and my sneakers never dry and my feet permanantly wrinkle.

What if I feel like a peter gabriel song today?

What if I'm wonderful the way I am?

What of I only listened to my heart and there was no logic?

What if all there was, was logic.

What if I lived on a farm with chickens and cows? (Yes this is meant to be funny)

What if I really have to love myself. Not just logicaly but really?

What if like many writers do, I create a hero for my imagination and see myself and those around me for who they really are? (I'm getting better)


  1. Giving yourself permission to reinvent yourself is one of life's great secrets.

  2. But you ARE wonderful just the way you are. :)

  3. Thanks Folks. I think everyday I get sent a new challange or see something in a new way and reinvent or tweak what I know to make it work. I'm asking the questions and this gives me an extra push to the next step, to answer yes, I'm wonderful.

  4. What if you were awesome?

    Oh, wait. You totally are. =) <3

  5. What if is an imagination question. It is a much better thing to say than if only.

  6. What If questions are the best questions in the world.