Monday, November 22, 2010

Real Time

This is real. This is me, right here, right now. It's not a story or a poem or a fantasy. It's me. I'm here. I'm breathing. I have a real job, I have a home that I love being in. I have friends that I like to share my time with. I'm living my life.


  1. Excellent song and video. And how mysterious this post is, really. Really, are you one in the vid?

  2. Lydia, Those words came to me last night, there have been so many changes this year, in my life alone. This year has been real and there are real things happening, it's hasn't been clouded in depression, It's great and I'm learning it hurts too.

    I wish I could sing like these girls. I look most like the dark haired girl, damhnait doyle. We both have dark hair, although there's a lot of gray now. I've seen her in concert, she's awesome.

    I chose the video because I've been listening to this song since in came out years ago and last night it made me cry. I got it.

  3. Great song. Are they Irish? I haven't heard them before. Glad to hear about the depression cloud lifting. And yes, life is great, but parts of it do hurt. If it didn't, how would we recognize the good parts?

  4. Doyle and stockwood are fromm newfoundland so theres got to be some irish in there somewhere and mclean is from pei again, there's got to be some, they don't market themselves as irish though.