Saturday, November 13, 2010

it’s squash

Last night I hung out the team leads from work. We proceeded to laugh and tell stores and hear stories until 1:00 in the morning. There was even food I could eat. I dare say, you’ve never heard anyone get so excited over a vegetable tray; with a chorus of “there you go Frosty, get your own plate.”

If someone asks you what vegetable is not in V8: it’s squash.

Today I went to the independent bookstore down the street. I go there to order my books now. They’re nice and friendly. Today the owner laughed and laughed over a Christmas gift I ordered. Then he walked out of the office with the three books I had previously ordered. Three big, juicy, wordy books with shiny covers; I know my eyes got wide and glossy when I saw them. Two of them I ordered without seeing them first, or knowing that much about them. When I saw them I knew I had done right; we were made for each other.

Now I just need to sit down and read.

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