Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am

What if roses bloomed all winter?
Their petals soft
Their hearts fragrant
Against the crystal snow

It was a tough day, I captured this tweet in the morning You have the power to make your day the best possible. You can always control your thoughts/action/emotions. I am beyond depression now, I was given sadness and I sorted my way through it. I have the power to take those silly little stresses and make them positives right away. I had the power to take tiny frustrations and turn them to smiles today.

I'm not going to share music tonight. In 1985 1986 I saw an interview that has stuck with me for 24 years. Tonight I found it on you tube and sent it to my friend. I don't know how to put a video on a blog so it looks like a video so I'll continue to hide it in the words.

I am Anne of Green Gables.

I was going to wait to get a better picutre and it got closer to the holidays, but here's a pic of my lights around my Piano Keyboard.


  1. beautiful picture! it looks so cozy in there and that panda bear is a little cutie : ]

  2. I'm impressed that you found the interview that you remembered from the mid-80s.

  3. Jacklyn: My little apartment is cozy, and I have arranged it to feel safe for chats and imagination.

    GW: I'm a little younger then megan follows and loved everything about kevin sullivans anne of green gables. We had it on video and the only show we watched more was wizard of oz. I remembered her sticking notes everywhere and saying over and over to herself that she could play anne despite everything that was set against her. I loved that determination and it's always somewhere in my subconscious.