Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chipping Paint

Today was about retouching some of the chipping paint of me. Of all the movies I own I pulled out Michael Apted’s Amazing Grace. I love Wilberforce’s passion about life and his conviction to fight for what he believes in. The love that he has for the people around him and the animals he has. (I don’t know anything about the man other than this movie… I suppose I should keep looking.)

Today I was watching the cars go by the window and the tiny bits of snow falling down and thought about how safe it all was. About how the worst thing about B’town was that it was boring and they’ve dug up the main street.

For two years I lived on the bad end of the city. I would pass by people in many different states of inebriation, I was asked once if I “wanted to go for a ride” in a big white van. I passed police tape, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens to get home. Things to fight for were around me and I was only able to fight for me. In B’town, things are cleaner. It's easy to forget that there are still things in the world I can be passionate about changing.

I know about surviving depression, knock on wood that my life keeps getting better and the curtains keep opening to the sunrise. I’m passionate about animal and human rights but keep my opinions to myself, so I don’t to upset others, or show my short comings. But maybe now that life is getting better I can start stepping out and learning about things around me, hearing what has been covered up to make my world look beautiful. Starting point, charity group at work; they’re in touch with different organizations around town. Start small, with what is close and with people I know…

William Wilberforce: It's God. I have 10,000 engagements of state today but I would prefer to spend the day out here getting a wet arse, studying dandelions and marveling at... bloody spider's webs.

Richard the Butler: You found God, sir?

William Wilberforce: I think He found me. You have any idea how inconvenient that is? How idiotic it will sound? I have a political career glittering ahead of me, and in my heart I want spider's webs.

Richard the Butler: [sitting down next to WW] "It is a sad fate for a man to die too well known to everybody else and still unknown to himself." Francis Bacon. I don't just dust your books, sir.

I don't have a song today; if you're adventurous look for Tara MacLean's "Generation Z"

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  1. so glad things are getting better. I've never seen "Amazing Grace" (I don't think). I'll get it on Netflix, thanks!