Monday, November 1, 2010

Blogging on my Lunch Break and Emailing it Home

I bought an Oprah Magazine last weekend; this weekend I devoured it. I stopped buying it about a year ago because there's really not a lot in it that I like. I only really like the Martha Beck article, maybe an article or two after that. I usually can't eat the food and have no desire to order any of the things advertised in it.

This weekend I had time, lots of time. I took a cab ride home from the groceries so I only made one trip. I didn't need to go to anyplace special and the plans I had for Sunday were canceled due to the weather. I wrote and read and read and wrote and ate. On Sunday I had no vegetables which meant less prep time, more writing and reading (long live nachos and soy cheese). As I thumbed through the articles in the big O I heard the positive affirmations over and over again. I realized this is something I love. I eat it up. This is something I want to live, I want to pass along.

The magazine was all about changing you career and following your intuition. I know that I love to write. Until a month ago I earned my income writing e-mails. Now is a chance to take the things that I’ve learned about being positive and encouraging people. I can use this to monitor calls.

I guess on the first day of the month it’s pretty slow. A monitor can’t be done from the month before even if it was yesterday. So I had some free time while the calls came in. So I reread my manual and rewrote all my notes. I wasn’t even consciously thinking about what I read.

My boss wrote me later saying a certain comment was not what we’re looking for, why don’t we do it better. At which point I replied that “I got rid of it this morning.” Synchronicity maybe? I was a little rusty in the beginning, but maybe I’ll get my positive eyes back. I can look at my notes tomorrow as I read them aware of what I’ve read this weekend and in the past.

I had the choice to go out partying. But I felt so centered on Saturday that I stayed in. I was lonely on Sunday, but I saw today how it all panned out. Next weekend the movies maybe?

I love how the cast of Les Mis have great English accents.


  1. You had a job writing emails? Fascinating! I think any job that requires a good degree of writing, even if it is business writing as what I had to do in the past, help to sharpen your skill. Then it is getting out of that work mindset and letting your thoughts run freely - and getting centered, as you mentioned - to let the creative juices begin to flow.

    I love everything about Les Mis.....except I only saw it once before it stopped touring. :(

  2. I saw it once in high school, my little sister won tickets for a hotel room on the radio by accident and we coordinated it with the production of Les Mis at the theatre. Loved it and cried of course. I loved doing e-mails and I'm glad I'm finding pieces of me in the new job. Cheers.