Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bin Bullies

#1 took one side of the bin at the second hand clothing store, and I took the other. We owned the Bin. No one came in and tried to mess up our sorting style. Well one little lady picked up a few pieces and walked away; hence the nick-name.

I’m learning not everyone does second hand cloths shopping like I do. When I went with Tink she came out with 2 or 3 items. #1 walked away with a skirt some comfy pants and a shirt I think, the lady in front of us had a purse and a book.

I did not walk out of there with one or two items. I like to scoup cloths up, see their colours and their cut and rescue them from a life in the bin. I like that the cloths I get there are unique and cheap. I had things that I was looking for and found. Fancy pin stripped dress pants for $2.00.

Plus, we’re going business casual at work, so I can’t always depend on my jeans.

#1 and I split up at the mall. I needed to pick up stuff at the drug store and she had mall stuff to do. I walked out and looked around. I was alone. I took a deep breath and got back into the Frosty Zone, where it’s OK to be alone.

I was very glad that I enjoyed a day with a friend.

I found this video this morning. I rewrote this blog a few times to take the joke off being a bully, because in the cases we hear about today, it's much worse then two girls hogging a bin on a slow sunday afternoon.

It's so important to be yourself, live healthy and true to your soul.

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